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Project Information

This is a Victorian property in Stourbridge, West Midlands, with a small frontage and is part of a long row of similar terraced houses. Many of them retain their original features, but this one had been updated with brickwork and slabs probably about fifty years ago. The project was to remodel the front but in keeping with the age of the property.
  • Client:Interlay Customer
  • Location:Stourbridge
  • Time Taken1 Week
  • Materials UsedReclaimed Bricks, Aggregates, Ceramic Tiles

Victorian Footpath

When we first visited this property it was clear that the walls had been rebuilt at some point and were now higher than the other properties in the street. Slabs had also been laid to replace the original engineering bricks. Although it didn’t look modern, it didn’t look quite right.

The owner of the property wanted us to create a Victorian footpath from the gateway to the front door and change the walling to be in keeping with the age of the property and other properties in the street.

Project Challenge

  • Create Victorian Footpath
  • Remodel Walls With Reclaimed Bricks

What We Did

The first part of the job was to dig it out and get the levels right. We also took several courses off the walls to reduce their height in line with other properties in the street.
The next stage was to cement some reclaimed bricks to the top of the wall. We had originally considered using double bull nose engineering bricks but in the end, the customer supplied their own bricks which we fitted.
The final stage was to install the ceramic tiles again, supplied by the customer and install the large white stone aggregate


A first class Victorian footpath and frontage. A job well done and a very happy customer!